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the place where digital art merges

a gallery of 1290 masterfully created works of computer generated art

Your Art Links
The World's Largest Art Directory. Over 5000 Art, Artist and Art Related Resources!

1st Indian digital art gallery.

BiG-i.com Digital Art and Virtual Artist's Community.

Some thoughts on IT in 2001: In the arts ... and beyond
Dr. John Antoine Labadie, Coordinator of Digital Studios in the Art Department and Director of the Media integration Center of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

About.com digital art links
Articles, tips, and resources for digital artists and those interested in exploring more about digital art & graphic design.

Galleries that showcase digital art and digitally enhanced art.

contemporary photography and digital art gallery.

On creating digital art
Here you'll find links to discussion of general artists' techniques and tutorials on creating original digital art work in a variety of software. Includes tutorials for drawing, painting, coloring, cartooning and adding enhancements to original artwork.

Photoshop tips and techniques
Here's tips and techniques for creating original art work in Photoshop. Includes tutorials for drawing, painting, coloring, cartooning and adding enhancements to original artwork.

Artists' Resource

A virtual Art Gallery featuring the computer art work of Earl Hinrichs....

Art galleries exhibiting modern art - by ArtCluster...
Art galleries exhibiting recent modern contemporary visual art by computer artists...

International computer art festival

where emerging and established artists exhibit online, around the world

Artists using science and technology
YLEM is an international organization of artists, scientists, authors, curators, educators, and art enthusiasts who explore the intersection of the arts and sciences. With science and technology as driving forces in contemporary culture, YLEM members strive to bring the humanizing and unifying forces of art to this arena. YLEM members work in new art media such as computers, kinetic sculpture, interactive art, holograms, robotics, 3-D media, film, and video. YLEM is a non-profit artists' networking organization centered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

bkaro.net the art community
bkaro.net is a gallery with digital art open to everyone. We are giving artists a platform on the internet to present their work. It's about people and what they have to say, and not about programs or...

The SCENE: the site for the digital art community
a site that promotes and supports digital artists

Digital artist's design and production resource.

computer artists from absolutearts.com.

directory of digital artists.

the source for links to all aspects of the art world on which the computer and networked media have had an impact.

Rhizome is an online community space for people who are interested in new media art. By "new media art" we mean any type of contemporary art that uses new media technology.

Rhizome's activities focus on: presenting artworks by new media artists, critics and curators; fostering critical dialog; and preserving new media art for the future.

The first page you see when you come to www.rhizome.org is a Splash page created by one of the artists in the Rhizome community. Each time you come to the site, a different splash page is randomly selected for you

digital art gallery from 1art.com